Hendrik Hering (left), Rhineland-Palatinate’s economics minister, presents Christoph Schwind with the Rhineland-Palatinate innovation prize 2009

meetingmasters.de was founded in August 2003 by Dipl.-Kfm. Christoph Schwind as an owner-operated sole proprietorship. Far-reaching developments in the internet sector and the related changes in the events market anticipated by Christoph Schwind were the basis for this business model. meetingmasters.de was founded to make full use of the savings potential by consistent implementation of an in-house developed, web-based booking tool which spans the entire purchasing procedure - from finding the hotel, through the structured RFP process right up to acceptance and automatic rejection of all other hotels. Since May 2009, this web tool has been available under the brand name moreDirect. The same year, the web-based conference hotel service of meetingmasters.de was awarded the Rhineland-Palatinate innovation prize.