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Innovative solutions
in payment management

Navigate successfully through the flood of bookings and paper in your event purchasing. You reduce your purchasing processes for conference hotels, eventlocations and service providers.

Create standardised purchasing structures for different companies and tap savings potential. as a supplier

Outsourcing of payment settlement

With the complete billing solution you transfer the entire invoice and payment management to In this scenario, we take on the role of your supplier and purchase all event services on your behalf but in our name and for our account with the respective service provider (e.g. hotel). After an event, we consolidate all individual receipts in a central invoice for you. You thus retain an overview of your entire expenditure and ultimately of the success of your event.

Payment Terms

You have a payment term of 30 days - but your business partner needs the payment already after 14 days? pays the open amount for you. You always fulfil your payment targets and improve your business relationships!


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Our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the billing service. Contact us directly online or give us a call.

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