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Invoice Verification

Checking and correcting all relevant documents requires the most time and effort during a typical settlement process. We will relieve you of these time-consuming tasks with our service.

You benefit from a pre-audit by our team of specialists and a reduction in administrative workload. By using our service you will have more time for your primary business responsibilities.

Reduce your administrative workload

Our accounting team relieves you of manual tasks and checks the countless receipts for each event for correctness and calculating accuracy. All documents are checked for conformity with your General Terms and Conditions of Purchasing and your event guidelines.

In addition, we also clarify possible deviations for you with the service providers (e.g. hotel) and, if necessary, we send back invoices requiring correction. The total invoice - broken down by cost unit, cost centre and cost type - is recorded electronically.

Insightful reports

The accounting data supplements the respective event data record in the MICE tool: In this way, diverse and differentiated evaluations are possible ("planning data vs. accounting data"), which can later be used as a basis for argumentation in contract negotiations.



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