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das Manual

Find. Learn. Know.

The handbook “das Manual” contains a list of recommended conference hotels and helps event planners find and select a suitable venue. In addition, the editorial section contains details of our customers’ experiences using our web tools and our personal service.

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Your Top Presentation

A picture on the title page is accompanied by a comprehensive advertorial of approx. 4–8 pages. Your print advertorial is also used as the basis for an online advertorial to really get you noticed. This will ensure you can be found more easily both by users and search engines! The external links on your website will help you achieve a high er ranking on Google, Bing, etc.
Price: €9,800.00*

das Manual - Handbook for Event Planners

das Manual

Your top presentation including the title page, print- and online advertorial.

Additional Placement Options

The cover pages of our Manual also offer exclusive advertising opportunities for hotels (groups and individual hotels) and venues. A total of three cover pages are available: inside front cover (U2), inside back cover (U3) and outside back cover (U4). In contrast with cover pictures, this is an advertisement that actively promotes conference facilities. Given that only three advertisements are assigned to the cover pages, this is an opportunity to secure advertising exclusive to your business.

  • COVER PAGE U2 / FLYLEAF (210 × 297 mm)
    Your advertisement is integrated into the first cover page and thus has a high impact on events planners.
    It is visible the moment the handbook is opened.
    Price: €4,500.00*
  • INTERNAL IMAGE ADVERT (210 × 297 mm)
    Image adverts within the Manual can achieve greater impact. Events planners will see your advert when they are leafing
    through the manual – and be inspired!
    Price: €2,520.00*
  • COVER PAGE U3 / ENDSHEET (210 × 297 mm)
    This advert is on the inside back cover and ensures you high visibility with events planners.
    Price: €3,900.00*
  • COVER PAGE U4 / FLYLEAF (180 × 267 mm)
    This advert is located on the back cover (outside) and is immediately visible whenever the Manual is used or looked at.
    Price: €5,200.00*

*All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the statutory rate.

Listing in Hotel and Location Directory

With our Deluxe Plus, Deluxe, Superior, Standard or Supreme service packages, you automatically feature in our print medium “das Manual” (with a reference to your online presentation).
The size of the advertisement depends on the service package booked. Your advertisement in the handbook “das Manual” is based on your online presentation in the MICE tool Parallel to the print medium, we also provide event planners with an online version of the handbook on our website.

1/3 Page

With the Superior package, your venue features in the handbook “das Manual” with a free 1/3 page advertisement.

2/3 Page

Your Deluxe Plus, Deluxe, or Supreme package includes a 2/3 page advertisement in the print medium “das Manual”. Furthermore, you have the possibility of booking a whole page for an additional fee in order to secure an even more high-profile presence for your conference hotel.

Additional Fee for 1/1 Page




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