Our MICE tool

Reduce costs. Save time. Create transparency.

Our own award-winning MICE tool displays the entire purchasing process: From the search, through the structured RFP with price negotiations right up to the acceptance of the chosen service provider and automatic rejection of all the others. 

Process optimisation for the purchase of event services

Its user friendliness and wide range of features make moreDirect one of the few MICE-Tools that is just as widely accepted and used by those making bookings as by conference hotels and other MICE suppliers. On introduction of our tool, you achieve a high adoption rate within a relatively short time.

    moreDirect provides informative management reports at the touch of a button. This enables volumes to be bundled and preferred partners to be targeted.
    Our highly qualified developers are constantly improving moreDirect in line with users’ requirements. Together with a sound company management a long-term partnership is assured.
    moreDirect meets the highest requirements regarding information security and data protection as all our activities are based on this.
    moreDirect can be adapted quickly and easily to the special requirements of your purchasing process (e.g. integration in SAP).

moreDirect connects purchasing and key departments

The meeting planner involved profits from the considerable reduction in workload and amount of time saved, and management benefits from transparency of event expenditure and the reduction in costs. Here, there is a consistency in the interests of both, so that moreDirect functions as a link between strategic purchasing or travel management and event organising operations.